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Olive Oil Soap: The Crux of’s Olive Oil Skin Care Regime

It’s rumored that Italian actress Sophia Loren takes the occasional olive oil bath, and if an occasional tryst with olive oil can do that, imagine what consistent use of it can do? Here at Olivia Care, we know how important it is to take care of your skin, so you can feel and look good, and that olive oil is a great way to retain your beauty and youth. Our line of incredible triple-milled organic olive oil soaps and body lotions will repair any damage and leave your skin feeling creamy and smooth.

There’s no reason to stray from your olive oil skincare regimen when you’re out of the shower. Try our green tea and red wine clay face masks, infused with olive and almond oils, our olive oil liquid hand soaps, and our olive oil body lotions, made from pure extra virgin olive oil and a special mix of herbal botanicals.

All of our olive oil soaps, olive oil body lotions and hair care products come in an array of scents, including mandarin, lavender, verbena, and green tea, to help you smell as sexy as you look and feel.If you’re not in the market for any of the wonderful olive oil soap products, keep in mind that they make great gifts! If you’re not sure what to get - picking out the right combination can be surprisingly daunting-go with a gift certificate.

Olivia Care has been providing quality organic olive oil skin care products for 14 years now, and plan to continue doing so for as long as we can. Be sure to check our site often for special deals and promotions!

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